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July 2015
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This is the fourth and final episode that is being brought to you by the Kickstarter campaign for The Webcomics Handbook. Dave Kellett, Kris Straub and Brad Guigar look back on 2014, make plans for 2015, discuss crowdfunding and more.

Plus we look at the effects of doing the same strip for over a decade. New projects are calling, but how do we make that transition?

And... *choke* have we become the old men we used to laugh about?

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In the third of a four-part series of bonus Webcomics Weekly episode made possible by the Kickstarter backers of The Webcomics Handbook, Dave KellettKris Straub and Brad Guigar discuss the crowdfunding phenom Patreon!

This conversation picks right up where the previous episode left off, so if you missed Webcomics Weekly KS-2, you may want to listen to that one first!

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And now... the first of TWO new episodes of Webcomics Weekly coming your way in July!

Due to the overwhelming Kickstarter support of The Webcomics Handbook, the WW crew will do four new episodes of our popular podcast. The first one has already posted, and this is the second — with the third yet to come!

Dave, Kris and I got together for a marathon recording session over the weekend, and we taped enough material for two epic podcasts. Unfortunately, Scott was not able to join us — he was traveling to Texas to celebrate his father's 70th birthday. But we soldiered on and talked about all of the stuff that's been happening since we last got together in March.

For Kris, that's a biggie — his wife, Marlo, is due with their first baby soon. So, veteran fathers that we are, Dave and I sit the lad down to share a little hard-won advice. That turns to anecdotes and eventually, the inevitable references to poopy diapers.

Meanwhile, Dave's in the throes of promoting Stripped, the documentary on comic strips that has been a powerhouse on iTunes since its first day! The movie has just been released in Canada, and he and co-creator Frederick Schroeder are traveling all over for screenings. But what happens when cartoonists who didn't get included in the movie complain to him about the grievous omission? Heh... tune in and find out!

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Thanks to the generous support of the Kickstarter backers of Brad Guigar's new book The Webcomics Handbook, we've got four new episodes of Webcomics Weekly coming your way. And this first one is a doozy! Scott, Dave and Brad site down to talk about an amazing moment in cartooning history. Bill Watterson came out of "retirement" to draw his first cartoon since ending "Calvin & Hobbes" — and it's a special poster for Kellett's webcomics documentary, Stripped! Dave tells us all of the behind-the-scenes details that we've been dying to hear!

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The gang gets dragged out of retirement to discuss what happens when you want to move on from your work, and what kinds of decisions -- good and bad -- it can lead to. One very specific, recent example is discussed. A lot. Okay I'm just gonna say it it's CAD.

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It wasn't supposed to be a hodge-podge, but it sure turned out that way. Dave, Brad and Kris take the reins as Scott is out sick. We talk about site design philosophy a little, and what to do when your new side project starts taking your attention and love from your old one.

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The guys discuss the anxiety this lifestyle can generate down the road. Later on, Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead and Invincible shows up!

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The gang discuss Cartoonist Nina Paley's brush with copyright infringement and her notions that copyright is censorship.

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Scott derails the episode to discuss his retirement from the word "webcomics."

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Dave recaps some recent work on his comic strip documentary and then Brad and Dave have a heart to heart with Scott about his blog post regarding the NCS and have an intervention of sort.

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Scott, Dave, Brad and Kris explore when to let the commercial side of comics impinge on the creative using a recent announcement as a case study. Also, Scott reviews some contract terminology to watch out for. BONUS: 20 minutes up front about Liz Taylor. Wow!

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Brad and Scott interview comic book artist Skottie Young and discuss his experiments with digital comics.

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Despite technical difficulties, Brad, Kris and Scott discuss the new Diamond Digital partnership between iVerse and Diamond Comics distribution.

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The boys discuss a recent dust up at The Daily Cartoonist and Scott admits to being a cartoon elitist.

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Dave, Brad and Kris talk about your homework assignments from last week -- if print's big move is to digital, what's digital's big move gonna be? -- while ultimately succumbing to a million other ratholes.

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The boys discuss what the new digital movement means to existing webcomicers.

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The gang discusses an email from a listener, who asks if it's time to quit or not.

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The group discusses longevity and what they want to do to keep producing content for years to come.

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The guys discuss becoming Webcomics Curmudgeons.

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Brad, Kris and Scott perform a dark ritual that revives their lost podcast from the dead.

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Another round of Kris, Brad, Dave and Scott!

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Scott, Brad, Dave and Kris get hyped for the epic Emerald City Comicon this weekend (March 13 and 14, 2010) in Seattle, WA with special guest Jim Demonakos.

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The crew returns after months and months of working on our own very important businesses for another episode of the internet famous Webcomics Weekly.

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Hey everyone. This week we're doing something special. This is my one-on-one interview with Merlin Mann of www.43folders.com and www.merlinmann.com. We talk about leaving behind scarcity models, being zen about what we take in and finding the time and mindset to be awesome and do the creative work we are so desperate to do.
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Join Scott, Dave, Kris and Brad at Comic Con International, July 2009, as they do a special live version of the podcast. They compare and contract the webcomics business model with the failing syndicate system and take questions from the standing-room-only crowd.
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Dave, Kris, Brad and Scott discuss the upcoming Comic Con International in San Diego. And headshots.

It's too close to the con to edit, so parents, cover your children's ears! This one did not get the TV-Y7 rating!
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Out but not down! Brad, Kris and Dave carry on the tradition with a new edition of Webcomics Weekly.
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The boys discuss what applications and tools they use to stay productive, all while savoring the irony of such a subject being attached to a podcast that updates so infrequently these days.

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Recorded live at the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, WA earlier this month. It's our live Webcomics Weekly panel.
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Enjoy this podcast from the Webcomics Weekly archives. It was taped mere minutes before Adsdaq booted a bunch of webcomics from its roster. So the discussion of its usefulness is academic at best. However, there's also a great discussion about whether a 15-year-old cartoonist should reveal his true age. But the true gem comes at the end when we fall down a typical WW rathole around the moustache of Fleen.com's Gary Tyrell.
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Dave and Brad discuss their fascination with the English language, Brad's mistrust of Spanish. Then they dive into the mailbag to discuss webcomics' place in academia and how to focus your comic into what it's supposed to be about. Along the way, they anticipate Halfpixel's upcoming appearance in Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con April 4-5 at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center.
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Live from the New England Webcomics Weekend! Brad, Dave, Kris and Scott talk newspapers, webcomics and more live to a packed room of webcomic readers and fanatics. Hands down, this episode is unanimously our favorite we’ve ever recorded. Not safe for work without headphones. Explicit language.
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Scott, Brad and Dave take a trip down Memory Lane and discuss the paths that brought them to where they are. The upcoming Webcomics Weekend is discussed, along with Emerald City Comic Con in April.
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Brad and Scott recap the NYCC. A discussion about product presentation at cons quickly devolves into a paranoid examination of how dolls can come to life and kill you in your sleep.
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Kris and Brad review their talk in Harvard University. Scott and Brad prepare for New York Comic Con. The guys talk about premium content -- is it the way of the future, or just a way to the future? And the conversation ends with a discussion of Brad's wife, the end of Phables and the Harvey Awards.
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The gang discusses the possibility of a black-swan event changing the Webcomics landscape, and what creators should to to prepare for it (if anything).
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The crew talk to Jim Demonakos about the Emerald City Comicon and what it takes to start and grow a comic book convention*

*in these troubled times.
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It's a new year! Dave, Brad, Kris and Scott discuss their resolutions from 2008, if they accomplished what they set out for the year and look forward into 2009.
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Scott sits this one out while Brad, Kris and Dave rustle up some deep webcomics conversation.
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This is the lost episode of webcomics weekly, forgotten in time for a couple of weeks. This was recorded before our trip to SCAD. So yeah. not terribly old. It wasn't lost very long.
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Dave and Scott return from their talk in Savannah. Reader email on using too much copy & paste.
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The last of our www.endicia.com sponsored podcasts. Be sure to visit www.endicia.com/webcomics for a fantastic deal on Endicia postage services. This week, Scott is sick, but we still muster the energy to discuss copyright and turnkey ad systems.
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Scott's in Seattle and he wrangles Mike Krahulik of Penny-Arcade.com to come on the show and talk about making comics. Sponsored by  Endicia.com. Visit www.endicia.com/webcomics for a special offer.
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Scott has vanished! But Dave, Brad and Kris hit the mailbag and keep things rollin'. Brought to you by Endicia. Webcartoonists, check out a special offer at http://www.endicia.com/webcomics/
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Welcoming our new sponsor Endicia.comleads to a discussion of the best ways to streamline your online store shipments. Then we hit the mailbag to answer questions about handing out flyers at events, and working on 2nd strips. Endica.com has been kind enough to sponsor our show this month. They're offering a great deal for new customers looking to set up an online store for their webcomic. Endicia.com is easy for us to recommend because it's what we use for our stores on a daily basis. Be sure to check out www.endicia.com/webcomics for a special offer.
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Kris, Brad and Scott discuss a recent "kerfuffle" regarding Scott's post on criticism. Also on this show: Mister Rogers, Guy Smiley, storylines vs. gags and marketing new project to existing readers.
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The boys recap their awesome time at the 2008 San Diego Comicon. Fisticuffs, Starfleet Captains, appearances on national TV, car chases, robot invasions, pirates....it's all a part of the zaniness of Comicon.
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The boys discuss the importance of answering all your email, when it is and isn't okay to use pen names, the all-or-nothing opinions of our critics and remembrances of Anime cons past.
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Lipton Green Tea with citrus, recapping for Brad, the future of mobile comics, comics for the blind and more.
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- San Diego approaches and the boys are making final preps. - Business cards: do cartoonists need them? What should they say and when should they be used? - Asking for critiques at shows. Why we don't like it.
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